Environmental Policy 

Westchem has taken the same approach toward environmental leadership that has made us the largest privately owned supplier of detergents in the south west. We work every day to demonstrate our belief that companies should conduct their business as responsible stewards of the environment and ensure that future generations are able to sustain their need. 
As part of this commitment we are very  
proud to have been awarded ISO14001 Enviromental Management Standard
We have improved and reduced post-consumer waste through innovative product development and packaging. Our materials and supplies are obtained at competitive total cost from suppliers that have met our quality and service requirements, and all new products are evaluated for their environmental impact. 
Westchem is the leading innovator, developer and marketer of products, systems and services in the south west, which provide superior value to our customers in meeting their cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance needs, while conserving resources and preserving the quality of the environment. 
Protect the Biosphere 
Phosphate-containing cleaning products are generally recognized to be safe and effective. Phosphates can stimulate algae growth in certain waters. Institutional and Industrial (I&I) cleaning products contribute a miniscule percentage of total phosphates to surface waters. However, Westchem products are formulated to limit phosphate content where sound science indicates that surface water eutrophication is an issue. 
Westchem uses packaging material that is recyclable. We use packaging material that is either recyclable or decomposes to non-hazardous end products. 
Animal Testing 
Westchem products are not tested on animals. 
Westchem abided by the voluntary ban on NP’s (nonyl phenyl ethoxylates) (which came into force on Jan 1st 2000). The surfactants become more toxic as they biodegrade and have a severe effect on the environment, even in the lower quantities they are used in today. Only biodegradable surfactants are used. 
Dispensers & Control 
All Westchem systems are designed for either timed delivery or concentration control via sensor technology. In either case, the wasteful “glug or scoop” use methods are eliminated. The Westchem systems also employ “lock and key” technology that avoids product misuse and overuse. 
Freight & Distribution 
Westchem works to minimize fuel consumption through the utilization of distribution models, network analysis technologies and a shipment consolidation philosophy to ensure efficient routing of deliveries. We also provide highly concentrated and solid products to the marketplace, which result in significant weight reduction and transportation fuel savings. 
Products & Services 
We will sell products or services that minimize adverse environmental impact and that are safe as our customers commonly use them. We will inform our customers of the environmental impact of our products or services, and of their correct use. We ensure a Westchem representative will visit regularly to make sure dispensers are functioning properly. 
Palm Oil 
Palm Oil can be found in many detergents and is the most significant cause of rainforest loss in Malaysia & Indonesia. Palm oil plantations destroy biodiversity and are associated with human rights violations and worker exploitation. In Indonesia, the area of land occupied by palm oil plantations has doubled in the last 10 years. 
This threatens species with extinction, including the Orang-Utan & Sumatran Tiger. The palm oil industry is now considered by scientists as the biggest threat to the Orang-Utan. The industry could drive the Orang-Utan to extinction within 12 years. For these reasons Westchem make sure that none of our products contain palm oil. 
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