Laundry Max 

LAUNDRY MAX brings you an unrivalled product producing outstanding cleaning results! 

Bacteria and spore kill at low temperature 

Laundry Max has been independently tested and found to be effective at 30ºc against harmful bacteria strains including MRSA  
and C.diff, Laboratory tests also confirm that 99% of the notoriously difficult to kill C. diff spores are also destroyed. 

Excellent Cleaning and de-staining 

Laundry Max contains a special active ingredient which is activated at a PH of 9 to 10 and does not require high temperatures to be effective. Laundry Max delivers the highest cleaning quality in unusually mild conditions, extending the fabric life by up to 50%. 

Significant energy and cost savings 

Tests have demonstrated that using Laundry Max to wash effectively at low temperatures typically saves up to 35% on electricity, 25% on water, 10% on labour and even 20% on re-wash costs. 
Washing at lower temperatures significantly reduces the electricity required to heat the water and increases the speed of the wash. Excellent cleaning results reduce the need to re-wash, saving on time and money. 

Typical Savings - click image below to view 

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